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Metals have been an integral part of human civilization for centuries, serving as essential materials in various industries and applications. Copper, a widely known and utilized metal, has long been valued for its conductivity and malleability. However, in certain specialized fields, the emergence of Beryllium Copper (BeCu) has presented a fascinating alternative due to its unique properties. This article delves into the comparative analysis between Beryllium Copper and its conventional counterpart, Copper, elucidating their differences, applications, and significance in diverse industries. Understanding Copper: Copper, with its reddish-orange hue, has been cherished by civilizations for millennia. Its high thermal and electrical conductivity have rendered it invaluable in electrical wiring, plumbing, and Read more

At present, with the market demand, the use and requirements of beryllium bronze are also increasing. The materials widely used in the market are: C17200/C17530 is more, the domestic sheet metal uses more QBE0.6-2.5, and the domestic national standard QBE0. 6-2.5 Compared with hardness, it has better wear resistance and is generally used in casting molds, die-casting molds, and drawing mold materials. The main advantages of punches are: high strength, high hardness, and high conductivity. The difference between imported mold steel and domestic mold steel: Most of the imported beryllium copper currently used in China is Japan NGK, and the grade materials are mainly: C17200. It has the same composition Read more

Mathematics model of beryllium copper alloy turning and milling roughness Using the orthogonal test method, the contour cutting test of the copper-coated C17200 specimen was designed and implemented, and the roughness mathematical model of the spherical milling cutter under the contour cutting mode was constructed by using the exponential function. Based on the orthogonal cutting test data, the mathematical model of surface roughness of copper plating C17200 was deduced and solved by using MATALB software. Comparing the calculated roughness theoretical value with the actual measured value obtained by the test, the results show that the error of the roughness mathematical model can be controlled at about 10%, which has a Read more

Two Machining Methods Of Beryllium Copper Tube

Beryllium copper tube is generally used as a large-scale mechanical bushing, and its main feature is high hardness and wear resistance. The quality of beryllium copper tube has a great relationship with the processing technology and process. There are generally two methods for processing beryllium copper tubes: one is direct casting and extrusion, and the other is hollowing out the base of the round bar. The former is obviously efficient, but the quality is poor, the latter is obviously inefficient, but the quality is absolutely good. Why is there such a clear difference? The main reason is that the density, hardness, conductivity, pores, sand holes and other properties of the Read more

The Machining Characteristics Of Beryllium Copper

The aging temperature of beryllium copper is related to the content of Be, and alloys containing less than 2% of Be are suitable for aging treatment. For alloys with Be greater than 7%, the aging temperature is 301-331 °C, and the holding time is 1-3 hours (depending on the shape and thickness of the part. For high conductivity electrode alloys with Be less than 0.5%, due to the increase in melting point , the aging temperature is 450-481 ℃, and the holding time is 1-3 hours. Corrosion depth (9-1×10-3 mm/year. After corrosion, there is no change in compressive strength and tensile strength, so it can be maintained in the sea Read more

C17300 Beryllium Copper Properties - C17300 Beryllium Copper Machinability

C17300 chromium zirconium copper is a kind of wear-resistant copper, with excellent hardness, excellent electrical conductivity and good tempering resistance, good uprightness, and the sheet is not easy to bend. It is a very good aerospace material CNC machining electrode. Product Types Imported electrode anti-explosion beryllium bronze, C17300 high toughness and high elasticity beryllium copper strip, C17300 beryllium copper, C17200 beryllium bronze, C1720 beryllium bronze, C17300 beryllium bronze, beryllium bronze hardness, beryllium bronze chemical composition, beryllium bronze price Chemical Composition Cu : margin Al: 0.1-0.25 Mg: 0.1-0.25 Cr: 0.65 Zr: 0.65 Fe: 0.05 Si: 0.05 P: 0.01 Impurity : 0.2 Mechanical properties: Tensile strength (δb/MPa): 540-640 Hardness as HRB: 78-88 Read more

Beryllium Bronze Material Machining And Selection Of Cutting Fluid

Beryllium bronze material, as a metal material with good comprehensive properties, has been widely used in the field of petroleum logging. Its high strength, high hardness and other characteristics make it easy to generate large cutting force and high cutting force during Beryllium Machining. The temperature will increase the wear of the tool. Therefore, we must combine the cutting characteristics of C17200 beryllium copper material to select reasonable cutting tools, tool geometric parameters, cutting amount and cutting fluid. At the same time, we need to arrange according to the actual situation in production Reasonable processing technology. During beryllium cnc machining, attention should be paid to production safety and product quality Read more

Wonder Group 30th Anniversary Celebration

June 15, 2022 ushered in the 27th anniversary celebration of Wonder Group. Wonder Group sincerely invites family and friends of Wonder Group to participate in the 27th anniversary celebration. After 27 years of expeditions in the South and the North, 27 years of expanding territory and 27 years of building construction, we have achieved brilliant development. Achievements represent the past, ideals look to the future. Let us witness a better tomorrow for Wonder Group. The 27th year of Wonder Group is a difficult year. Due to various uncontrollable and irresistible reasons, all the colleagues of Wonder Group have been working from home for more than a month. Due to various Read more

The Application Field Of Beryllium

As a new material, beryllium has been paid more and more attention, and beryllium is an indispensable and valuable material in atomic energy, rocket, missile, aviation, aerospace and metallurgical industry. Among all metals, beryllium has the strongest ability to transmit X-rays, and is called metallic glass, so beryllium is an irreplaceable material for making small windows of X-ray tubes. Beryllium is the treasure of atomic energy industry. In atomic reactors, beryllium is a neutron source that can provide a large number of neutron shells (hundreds of thousands of neutrons can be generated per second); beryllium has a strong deceleration effect on fast neutrons, which can make the fission reaction continue. Read more

The Properties Comparison Of Beryllium Aluminum

In the periodic table, beryllium is in a diagonal position with aluminum in group IIIA, and their properties are very similar. The standard electrode potentials are similar: they are all active metals. They are all oxygen-loving elements, and the metal surface is easy to form an oxide protective film, which can be passivated by concentrated HNO₃. Both are amphoteric metals. Hydroxides are also amphoteric. Both BeO and Al2O3 oxides have high melting points and high hardness. Both BeCl2 and AlCl3 are electron-deficient covalent compounds that form polymeric molecules through bridging bonds. Beryllium salts and aluminum salts are easy to be hydrolyzed, and the hydrolysis is acidic. Beryllium carbide Be2C, like Read more