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C17200/C17530 High Conductivity Superhard And Elastic Beryllium Copper

C17200/C17530 High Conductivity Superhard And Elastic Beryllium Copper

At present, with the market demand, the use and requirements of beryllium bronze are also increasing. The materials widely used in the market are: C17200/C17530 is more, the domestic sheet metal uses more QBE0.6-2.5, and the domestic national standard QBE0. 6-2.5 Compared with hardness, it has better wear resistance and is generally used in casting molds, die-casting molds, and drawing mold materials. The main advantages of punches are: high strength, high hardness, and high conductivity.

The difference between imported mold steel and domestic mold steel:

Most of the imported beryllium copper currently used in China is Japan NGK, and the grade materials are mainly: C17200. It has the same composition and performance as our domestic CUBe2, but its hardness will deviate after heat treatment. Generally, there is no problem when we heat treat it to about HV380 degrees. The heat treatment hardness of 17200 can reach: about HV420-440. This is what is on our products. Requirements come and go to distinguish material selection, round rods are generally used in machining, general product requirements are wear resistance and high conductivity, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, imported C17530 is expensive, its machining performance is good, and strip materials are generally used in For electronic products, electrical appliances, and precision hardware products, the most commonly used ones are connectors, which mainly require elasticity and fatigue resistance and high electrical conductivity. Generally, the factory hardness of C17200 is around 200-220, and the heat treatment can be above 400 degrees. Compared with domestic and imported In addition to the hardness and surface requirements, it is recommended to use imported surfaces, which are more beautiful.

Grade: C17530 Beryllium copper

Beryllium copper alloy is a typical precipitation hardening, heat treatment strengthening alloy. Beryllium copper alloy is an alloy with nearly perfect combination of mechanical, physical, chemical, mechanical and corrosion resistance; deformed alloys undergo cold work hardening + aging heat treatment, and cast alloys have extremely high strength limit and elasticity after solid solution + aging heat treatment. Limit, yield limit and fatigue limit; at the same time, it has high thermal conductivity, high electrical conductivity, high hardness, high wear resistance and high temperature stability, high creep resistance and corrosion resistance, and also has good casting performance, Non-magnetic, no sparks when impacting and other characteristics. Widely used in various parts that require fatigue resistance, high sensitivity, high elasticity, high temperature resistance, high strength, high hardness, anti-spark, non-magnetic, and resistance to harsh environments, such as electronic appliances, communication instruments, aerospace, petrochemicals , metallurgical mines, metal molds, computer appliances, automobiles and machinery manufacturing and other fields

Properties and parameters of beryllium copper

Beryllium copper is a supersaturated solid solution copper-based alloy. It is a non-ferrous alloy with a good combination of mechanical properties, physical properties, chemical properties and corrosion resistance. After solid solution and aging treatment, it has a high strength limit comparable to special steel. Limit, yield limit and fatigue limit, and at the same time have high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, high hardness and wear resistance, high creep resistance and corrosion resistance, widely used in the manufacture of various mold inserts, replacing steel production High-precision, complex-shaped molds, welding electrode materials, die-casting machines, injection molding machine punches, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant work, etc. Beryllium copper strips are used in micro-motor brushes, mobile phones, batteries, and products, and are indispensable and important industrial materials for national economic construction.

Beryllium copper physical performance parameters:

  • Density 8.3g/cm
  • Hardness≥36-42HRC
  • Conductivity≥18%IACS
  • Tensile strength≥1000mPa
  • Thermal conductivity≥105w/m.k20℃
  • Product Name: C17530 Beryllium Copper

C17530 Beryllium Copper Chemical Compositionf

Used for all kinds of beryllium copper cnc machining,micro-motor brushes, switches, relays, connectors, thermostat springs, various springs such as IC slot pins, PCB boards that require high strength, high elasticity, high hardness, and high wear resistance Inspector probes, coaxial connectors, relays, light control devices, microtransducers, subsea transponder racks, die-cast parts.