Wonder Copper mainly engaged in beryllium copper strip, beryllium copper plate, beryllium copper rod, beryllium copper tube, beryllium copper wire, beryllium copper shaped parts, custom beryllium bronze electrode and various bronze materials.
Elastic Material Elastic Material More than 60% of the total production of beryllium bronze is used as elastic material. For example, it is widely used as elastic elements such as switches, reeds, contacts, contacts, diaphragm boxes, diaphragms, bellows, etc. in the electronics and instrument industries.
Mold Making Because beryllium copper alloy has high hardness, strength, good thermal conductivity and castability, it can directly cast molds with extremely high precision and complex shapes, with good finish, clear patterns, short production cycle, and old mold materials can be reused. cut costs. It has been used as plastic mold, pressure casting mold, precision casting mold, corrosion mold and so on. Mold Making
Explosion-Proof Tools Explosion-Proof Tools In petroleum, chemical, gunpowder and other environmental work, because beryllium bronze does not produce gunpowder when it is impacted, various operating tools can be made of bronze-plated, and have been used in various explosion-proof work.
Shielding Parts Beryllium is used as a shielding material in the core of some nuclear fission reactors to improve the efficiency of fission reactions. Beryllium is also experimenting with the lining of thermonuclear fusion reactor vessels, which is superior to graphite from a nuclear contamination point of view Shielding Parts
Wear-Resistant Sliding Bearings Wear-Resistant Sliding Bearings Due to the good wear resistance of beryllium bronze, beryllium bronze is used to make bearings in computers and many civil airliners. For example, American Airlines replaced copper bearings with beryllium bronze, and the service life was increased from 8000h to 28000h. The transmission lines of electric locomotives and trams are made of beryllium bronze, which is not only corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, high-strength, but also has good electrical conductivity.

Beryllium Bronze Alloy Supplier In China

Wonder copper (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. was built in the town of metal molds in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. The company’s products have passed the ISO-9001 quality standard and have professional sales, cnc machining and production service capabilities; mainly engaged in beryllium bronze strip, beryllium bronze plate, beryllium bronze Rods, beryllium bronze tubes, beryllium bronze wires, beryllium bronze special-shaped parts, beryllium bronze electrodes customized and various copper materials; the products are of high quality and stable performance, providing high-quality materials for electronic and electrical factories, metal stamping factories, and mobile phone aviation industries. To help users find the best solution to improve processing productivity; Wonder group, as always, contributes its own modest strength to the development of electronic appliances and hardware accessories industry. At the same time, it has become a long-term strategic development partner with many well-known electronic and electrical and machinery manufacturing enterprises in the world. Wonder copper beryllium bronze products are widely used in aerospace, ships, electronic appliances, bearings, die stamping die alloys, computer hard drives, mobile phone cameras, air conditioners, Food machinery, medical machinery and other fields; Wonder copper can fully reflect the advantages of the material especially when processing difficult, high-precision parts and high appearance and color requirements.


Support Any Zero Cut

Mainly beryllium copper, beryllium bronze, beryllium cobalt copper, beryllium nickel copper and other copper materials, processed according to the drawing, customized cutting

Material Properties

Supersaturated solid-liquid-based alloy is a non-ferrous alloy with a good combination of mechanical properties, physical properties and chemical properties

Carefully Selected Materials

Focus on high-quality beryllium copper materials, control several core technologies of products;With high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, hardness, not easy to creep

Stock Available

Beryllium copper is used to make mold inserts, replacing steel to make complex mold welding electrode materials, die casting machines, etc.

Source Manufacturers Supply

One-to-one customer service tracking order service throughout the whole process, buy with peace of mind

Factory Direct

High daily reserves, no middlemen to make the difference, sufficient stock, fast delivery


Beryllium Bronze Alloy Supply Service Support

While we provide strong technical support and good service, we are eager to assist you in solving production, design and material selection problems.

Cutting (slitting) and vacuum packaging

Beryllium Bronze Cutting (Slitting) And Vacuum Packaging

Wonder Copper’s cutting program is a service that presses the die with the help of the force of the machine movement to cut the material. We use a fully automatic rolling type cutting machine. When cutting beryllium copper, the cutting machine uses a forming die to obtain the sheet or semi-finished product required by the customer through the punching action.

In order to meet the production needs of customers, our company can provide various copper alloys (such as beryllium copper, white copper, phosphor bronze, etc.) and stainless steel slitting services.

In addition, since copper alloy is easy to be oxidized, our company is equipped with vacuum packaging equipment, and vacuum packaging materials after slitting, to reduce the problem of oxidation of materials due to environmental factors before use.

The dimensions of the strips are as follows:

  1. Thickness: 0.0508mm to 0.8mm
  2. Width: 2mm to 400mm

The Material Selection Of Beryllium Bronze

In the customer’s development process, our company can provide professional and cost-effective material selection suggestions/opinions for different material characteristics free of charge according to the customer’s product design requirements. In addition, suitable templates can be provided for testing upon request.

Material Properties Required For General Design Requirements:

Design Requirements Required Material Properties
Part Function Modulus Of Elasticity, Material Dimensions, Tolerances
Durability Resistance To Permanent Deformation, Fatigue Resistance, Surface Requirements
Load Capacity Yield Strength, Elastic Modulus
Electrical And Thermal Conductivity Electrical Conductivity, Thermal Conductivity, Stress Relaxation
Reliability Stress Relaxation, Surface Requirements
Cost-Effectiveness Density
Processability Processability, Formability, Solderability

Beryllium Bronze Alloy Composition And Density Comparison:

US Our Company Name Chemical Composition (wt%, Steel Balance Density
(Ib./in) (g / cm3)
c17200* Alloy 25 1.8 tomahawk, 0.2 cobalt 0.302** 8.36**
Alloy 190 1.8 tomahawk, 0.2 cobalt 0.302** 8.36**
Alloy 290 1.8 tomahawk, 0.2 cobalt 0.302** 8.36**
c17300* Alloy M25 1.8 tomahawk, 0.2 cobalt, 0.2-0.6 lead 0.302** 8.36*half
c17000* Alloy 165 1.7 tomahawk 0.304** 8.41* Ice
c17510* Alloy 3 1.7 nickel, 0.3 plated 0.3191** 8.83***
c17500* Alloy 10 2.6 cobalt, 0.5 lock 0.319*** 8.83* half punch
c17410 * Alloy 174 0.3 Plating, 0.5 Cobalt 0.318 8.8
c19150 Alloy 1915 1.0 Nickel, 0.8 Lead, 0.25 Phosphorus 0.32 8.88
c19400 24 iron, 0.1 zinc 0.317 8.78
c26000 30 Zinc 0.308 8.53
C51000 5.0 tin, 0.1 phosphorus 0.32 8.86
c52100 8.0 tin, 0.1 phosphorus 0.318 8.8
c72500 9.5 nickel, 2.3 tin 0.321 8.89
c7025* 3.0 nickel, 0.65 silicon, 0.15 magnesium 0.318 8.8
c72700* 9.0 nickel, 6.0 tin, 0.1 manganese 0.321 8.89
c72900* 15.0 Nickel, 8.0 Tin 0.323 8.95
N03360* Alloy 360 2.0 tomahawk, 0.5 titanium, nickel balance 0.294 8.14

Engineering Support

During the development process, various materials-related questions/difficulties are often encountered. Our company can use our professional knowledge and experience with computer-aided engineering software to provide customers with suitable and cost-effective material selection, as well as products. Technical support on design manufacturability.

1. Engineering Material Selection

Our company can propose different material selection suggestions according to customers’ technical requirements/problems and pain points, in order to select the most suitable materials for customers, and try our best to provide customers with samples.

2. Material Forming Suggestion

A. Vision Material

The forming ability of metal materials depends on many factors, such as the formability of the material itself (R/t ratio), yield strength and width, and the stamping direction and shape will also affect the formability of the material. With our more than 30 years of experience in dealing with raw materials, we can suggest suitable materials and the most ideal bending angle according to your technical requirements, and make suggestions on design.The following is the formability of some beryllium copper materials (the lower the value, the better the formability), for reference:

Formability Alloy and
R/t ratio for 90° bends Alloys and Prehardened Condition R/t ratio for 90o bend
bending direction bending direction
For larger deep
-drawn parts
25A o
Easy to put and bend 25 114H o o 290 TMOo
290 TMO2
For moderately deep-drawn I-drawn
25 1/2H 0.5 1 190 AM
1741/2 HT
190 1/4 HM
6o 3/4 HT
3 AT
290 TMO4
it is good 9o
bends with a radius less than 3 times the stock thickness can be formed
25H 1.o 2.9 190 1/2 HM
3 HT
190 HM
290 TMO6
mild Suitable for light deep draws such as springs 174 HT
190 SHM
190 XHM
limited Commonly used for straight sections
where larger forming radii are required
190 XHMS 5 10

B. Plastic Material

With many years of experience in injection molding, we can provide you with advice to solve the difficulties encountered in injection molding.

3. Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

A. Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is the use of computer systems to analyze the customer’s 3D engineering drawings to analyze the stress and deformation of the customer’s component design under a specific load (static or dynamic), and to roughly understand the thermal distribution of the product , to assist customers in analyzing mechanical and thermal problems in complex designs.

B. Moldflow Analysis (Moldflow)

Mold flow analysis is to use a computer system to simulate the flow of plastic during the injection molding production process according to the customer’s material selection and mold design, as well as possible appearance and structural problems of the parts, to help customers reduce the development due to the need for mold debugging. cost, and shorten the mold development time.



Since 1995,Wonder Copper is proud to own and operate six branches throughout China. Wonder Copper offers the broadest line of metals available from one distributor –beryllium copper Sheet&Plate, Flat bar,square bar,round bar,wire as well as a large line of specialty metals and accessories. This, coupled with the company’s service offering that includes cnc machining, forging and mold manufacturing, has allowed Wonder Copper to become a full service operation working with companies of all sizes.