Wonder Copper mainly engaged in beryllium copper strip, beryllium copper plate, beryllium copper rod, beryllium copper tube, beryllium copper wire, beryllium copper shaped parts, custom beryllium bronze electrode and various bronze materials.

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Wonder Group 30th Anniversary Celebration

June 15, 2022 ushered in the 27th anniversary celebration of Wonder Group. Wonder Group sincerely invites family and friends of Wonder Group to participate in the 27th anniversary celebration. After 27 years of expeditions in the South and the North, 27 years of expanding territory and 27 years of building construction, we have achieved brilliant development. Achievements represent the past, ideals look to the future. Let us witness a better tomorrow for Wonder Group. The 27th year of Wonder Group is a difficult year. Due to various uncontrollable and irresistible reasons, all the colleagues of Wonder Group have been working from home for more than a month. Due to various Read more