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Beryllium Bronze Material Machining And Selection Of Cutting Fluid

Beryllium Bronze Material Machining And Selection Of Cutting Fluid

Beryllium bronze material, as a metal material with good comprehensive properties, has been widely used in the field of petroleum logging. Its high strength, high hardness and other characteristics make it easy to generate large cutting force and high cutting force during Beryllium Machining. The temperature will increase the wear of the tool. Therefore, we must combine the cutting characteristics of C17200 beryllium copper material to select reasonable cutting tools, tool geometric parameters, cutting amount and cutting fluid. At the same time, we need to arrange according to the actual situation in production Reasonable processing technology. During beryllium cnc machining, attention should be paid to production safety and product quality control.

1.The Choice Of Cutting Fluid

The use of cutting fluid during cutting can play the role of heat dissipation and lubrication, thereby extending tool life, improving beryllium cnc machining efficiency and product quality. In the process of cutting beryllium bronze materials, a large amount of cutting heat is generated, which increases the cutting temperature. Therefore, the main function of cutting fluid when cutting beryllium bronze materials is to accelerate the diffusion of cutting heat, reduce cutting temperature and prolong tool life.

The emulsion made of soluble oil has obvious effect on heat dissipation, but its composition contains sulfur element, which will cause a little spot on the surface of beryllium bronze material, leaving the hidden danger of scrapping the workpiece, although the heat dissipation effect of mineral oil and lard is relatively The emulsion is poor, but its lubricating effect is relatively obvious, which reduces the friction between the tool and the workpiece and reduces the generation of cutting heat. Therefore, the cutting fluid of mineral oil and 3% to 7% lard is applied to the C17200 beryllium copper material. cutting.

2. Drilling Of Beryllium Bronze Materials

When drilling beryllium bronze materials, you can choose a high-speed steel twist drill to drill the hole. The helix angle of the drill is 29°, the top angle is 118°, and the drill edge angle is 12°. When necessary, a specially ground tip can be used. Due to the high strength and hardness of the beryllium copper material, a lower cutting speed is required, and cutting fluid needs to be poured for cooling and lubrication, which helps the smooth discharge of chips, prevents the chips from scratching the machined surface, and reduces the wear of the drill bit. Extend the life of the drill bit. At the same time, in the drilling process, it is necessary to ensure the constant cutting speed and feed rate to prevent work hardening at the bottom of the hole, which brings greater difficulties to the beryllium cnc machining.

3. Milling Of Beryllium Bronze Materials

Beryllium bronze material has high strength and hardness. When milling, the cutting edge should be sharp and have strong impact resistance. Although both high-speed steel milling cutters and carbide milling cutters can be used for milling beryllium copper materials, the machining accuracy of carbide milling cutters is higher than that of high-speed steel milling cutters. Therefore, carbide milling cutters are used for milling.

When turning beryllium bronze materials, the asymmetric down milling method should be used, which can not only effectively reduce the friction between the milling cutter and the workpiece, but also stabilize the workpiece and reduce tool chatter. During the milling process, some cutting fluid can be used to prolong the service life of the milling cutter and reduce the surface roughness value of the workpiece.

During the cnc machining of beryllium copper materials, the selection of cutting technology, machinery and cutting fluid should be carried out according to the characteristics and quality requirements of the produced products, and the control of product quality should be ensured from the source as much as possible.