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Heat Treatment Process: China Beryllium Copper VS Japanese Beryllium Copper

Heat Treatment Process: China Beryllium Copper VS Japanese Beryllium Copper

Friends who are engaged in metal materials are not unfamiliar with beryllium copper. Beryllium copper is also called beryllium bronze. This is a high-quality elastic, high-conductivity, high-wear-resistant, high-strength material. Elasticity, strength, wear resistance, non-magnetic, no impact sparks, good processability in solution treatment state, while maintaining the excellent electrical conductivity of copper-based alloys. Below, the beryllium copper forging factory briefly introduces the relevant knowledge of the process beryllium copper and the Japanese beryllium copper heat treatment process.

The relevant person of the beryllium copper forging plant said that the relevant test results show that the quenching of the Japanese material is wider than that of the domestic material, and the domestic material is more sensitive than the Japanese material in the normal aging process. Direct aging has high strength and hardness, but it is affected by directionality, so it determines its scope of use and technological process.

Beryllium copper is used in hundreds of elastic and wear-resistant parts such as springs, relays, contact clips, machinery, automobiles, and hardware in the products supplied by the beryllium copper forging factory. Domestic materials sometimes have insufficient quenching or overheating. The normal aging does not meet the hardness requirements, the heat treatment hardness of the materials in the same furnace is not uniform, and the parts are directly aged after the rolling state is fed.

In view of the above problems, the beryllium copper forging factory selected domestic and Japanese beryllium bronze strips as a comparative experiment, that is, the experimental plan, the effect of quenching temperature on grain size and hardness, the effect of quenching temperature, aging temperature and aging time on beryllium copper , the quenching temperature of 780-7900C and the effects of different aging temperatures and holding times on the metallographic structure and hardness, the relationship between material orientation and properties.

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