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QBe1.9 Beryllium Bronze Rods

QBe1.9 beryllium bronze is beryllium bronze containing a small amount of nickel and titanium.Chinese name QBe1.9 beryllium bronze standard (GB/T 5231-2001) sample size diameter (>25) hardness (HB) ≥ 150;QBe1.9 Beryllium Bronze QBE1.9 Beryllium Bronze;Material name: QBe1.9 beryllium bronzeFeatures and scope of application:It is beryllium bronze containing a small amount of nickel and titanium. It has similar characteristics to QBe2, but its advantages are: small elastic hysteresis, high fatigue strength, stable elasticity when temperature changes, low sensitivity of performance to aging temperature changes, lower price, and lower strength and hardness than QBe2.

Chemical composition:

  • Aluminum Al: 0.15
  • Iron Fe: 0.15
  • Lead Pb: 0.005
  • Beryllium Be: 1.85-2.1
  • Nickel Ni: 0.2-0.4
  • Silicon Si: 0.15
  • Copper Cu: surplus
  • Impurity 0.5
  • Titanium Ti: 0.10-0.25

Mechanical properties of QBe1.9 beryllium bronze Mechanical properties:

  • Tensile strength (σb/MPa): 590-830
  • Elongation (δ10/%): ≥2
  • Note: Mechanical properties of bars

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